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Client Proofing Instructions...

You will now be able to view your portrait session online.  Image numbers are located below each photo.  Please use these image numbers when you are placing your order.  We do not place orders via the proofing site.  We ask that you return to our studio with your photo image numbers to finalize viewing and to place your senior session photo orders.  Our monitors are calibrated specifically for photography purposes and match printing.  Many (home) monitors are not calibrated for photography purposes and images on your home monitor may look slightly different than the actual "true" image that was photographed and it's for this reason we ask to simply finalize viewing at our studio.


**Please remember that  the session fee AND a $100 deposit is due at the time of the photography session.  The deposit will be applied toward your final photo order. 


Senior portraits are available for viewing through our online proofing site.  Each senior photographed has a specific password given to them prior to their senior portrait session. 


Click the "Portrait Proofing Portal".  Once you have clicked the icon, you will be launched into our proofing site.  Click the 'Senior Portraits' image.  Our senior portraits portfolio wil expand.  Locate the image and name of the senior portrait session and click the image.  You will then be prompted to enter a user email and the specific password assigned during the portrait session.








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